Rump Cap “Picanha” BBQ Skewers

The Rump Cap also known as ‘Picanha’ is a wonderful, under-used cut of beef that is incredibly versatile, perfect for everything from barbecue skewers to Sunday roasts.

Rump Cap or ‘Picanha’, is a favourite at most Brazilian steakhouses or churrascaria, and is traditionally grilled and sliced off long skewers.

A thick cap of fat runs across the top which, when cooked properly, bastes the beef, adding a beautiful succulence and rich depth of flavour to the meat.


Premium Butcher Beef Rump Cap ‘Picanha’ Steaks




Remove Rump Cap from the fridge 20 minutes beforehand, to allow the meat to come to room temperature.

When preparing a rump cap for skewers cut slices about ¾” thick against the grain.

Form each slice into the shape of a C with the fat-side on outside and put onto large oiled skewers with the skewer point facing away from you.

Season generously sea salt.

Make sure the grill is around 220oC. Immediately put the thicker slices onto the grill closer to the heat source and the smaller slices farther away from the heat source.

Flip the skewer every 6-8 minutes.

Cook to an internal temperature of about 55-57oC degrees for medium rare.

Serve immediately after taking off the grill.