Steak Au Poivre

Recipe by Ciaran McGill- Head Chef at One Pico

If there’s one recipe you are going to try, make it this one! Head Chef at “One Pico”, Ciaran McGill, has kindly shared his Steak Au Poivre secrets with us.

This French dish for two traditionally consists of the most tender fillet steak, coated with cracked black pepper and then cooked. It is covered in a delicious peppercorn sauce which compliments the rich flavour of the high-quality beef.


2 6/8oz Fillet Steaks at Room Temperature

4 Tbsp of Cracked Black Pepper

120ml Brandy or Whiskey

100ml Sherry Vinegar

350ml Double Cream

2 Shallots Finely Diced

100g Diced Butter (50g for the Sauce)

2 Cloves of Garlic

Sprig of Thyme

Salt & pepper


1: Pre Heat oven to 180c

2: Pre heat a pan until smoking hot and add a small drop of vegetable oil. Season Your Steaks well on both Sides with Salt and black pepper then place in the pan.

3: Colour the steaks on all sides and add in the garlic and Thyme, add 50g of butter and baste with a spoon. Place the pan into the oven. See below cooking guidelines for rarity of steaks. For a rare steak give it 1 +1/2minutes in the oven for a 6oz fillet or 2 minutes for a 8oz. Take out and rest your steaks on a plate and pour over the pan Juices.

4: Place your pan back on the heat and add the shallots and cracked black pepper. Cook until the shallots are soft & deglaze with the Sherry Vinegar, reduce until about a teaspoon of liquid is left

5: Next add the Brandy or Whiskey, be careful if using gas it will flame up. Aim to burn off the alcohol & reduce.

6: Next, add the cream and reduce until your sauce becomes thicker. Then add in the butter, mix until incorporated and season with a pinch of salt. Add your steaks back into the sauce and spoon over the Sauce.

7: Place your Steak on a Plate and spoon over some more Sauce. Serve with some Chips and Green Beans.


Rare: 1+1/2 -2mins

Medium Rare: 2+1/2 – 3mins

Medium: 4-5 min

Medium well: 6-7 mins

Well done: 9-10 mins